Citi Cash Back Credit Card


Citi Cash Back Credit Card


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  • The card's interest rate is good.
  • There are good promotion and bonus options of the card.



How about being familiar with a new credit card that offers the most advantageous options in terms of cashback rates? With, Citibank Cash Back Credit Card, you’ll have the chance to make money with your expenses. Moreover, your expenses in different categories will be rewarded with different cashback rates. Citi Cash Back is used not only in India but also in the US and other countries around the world. It is considered as an ideal credit card for daily expenses. VISA infrastructure is used in credit cards.

Citi Cash Back Credit Card Benefits

5% Cashback Opportunity

The first of the cashback options are provided in the category of movie ticket purchases, telephone & utility bill payments. This is the category that gives you the most advantage by your credit card. Five percent of the cashback option is provided.

Earn Cashback in All Expenses

You can benefit from 0.5% cashback options in all your other expenses.

15% Discounts on Restaurants

With the Citibank cashback credit card, you will have the chance to enjoy many dinners at a discounted rate. Numerous restaurants throughout India are cooperating with Citi Bank. You will earn approximately 15 percent discount in the restaurants that cooperate. You can view contracted restaurants on the bank’s official website.

Earn 1500 Bonus Points

When you first get your credit card you will get 1,500 bonus points. You will receive this bonus within the first 30 days of your first deposit.

Spend 1000 RS and Earn 1000 More Bonus

In the first 60 days, you will earn 1000 bonus for your spend of 1000 Rs.

Earn 10x Reward Points from Contracted Workplaces

You also have the chance to win 10X Reward Points. You can earn 10 times the reward point for each Rs.125 worth of spending from contracted workplaces.

Spend 30000 RS and Earn 300 Bonus per month

When you spend Rs 30,000 or more per month, you will get a chance to earn 300 bonus points per month.

The bonus points you earn will remain on your card until you spend it. These bonuses have no expiration date. In this way, you never lose the advantages.

Citibank Cash Back Credit Card Pricing  & Fees

Annual fee 500 Rs are determined as pricing. 

Citibank Cash Back Credit Card FAQs

Is this credit card advantageous in other countries? 

Yes, when you travel internationally, you can get benefits from Citi Cash Back Credit Card. It is valid in 90 countries. 

Who can apply for this credit card?

Everyone who is between 17 – 70 with the documents at least 2 color photographs, ID proof - Aadhar, Passport, Driving license, Voter ID, etc, Proof of address -Ration card, electricity bill, etc. 

What is the charge of the card annually?

You need to pay 500 Rs for the credit card every year. However this rate can change by the bank in the future.

How to apply for this credit card?

There are 4 ways to apply this card. Most of those opportunities are online. If you have internet banking account, you can apply for the card from your account. You will able to get response for your application faster with an internet banking account. You can also use internet banking through mobile apps on your Android and iOS devices. Other opportunity for application is visiting the branch of the bank. You can also apply for the card in ATMs and mobile banking.

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