Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card


Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card


Interest Rate











  • Cashback opportunity for fuel purchases and paying bills.
  • Low annual fee.
  • Rewards points opportunity.



If you are living in India and looking for a credit card with plenty of cashback promotions, then Standard Chartered Titanium credit card may be a good option for you. This credit card allows its holders to benefit from cashback promotions on fuel, phone and utility bills. In case you are looking for a credit card that offers advantages in other categories, it will be better to apply for other cards. This card is solely designed for these three spending habits. However, of course, you can use it in other shopping categories, but you will not receive any benefits at all.

Advantages of Standard Chartered Titanium Card

5% Cashback on Fuel

You are going to receive 5% cashback whenever you buy fuel with your card. The monthly cap is limited to 200 Rupees.

5% Cashback on Phone Bills

You can also pay your phone bills with Standard Chartered Titanium credit card and receive a 5% cashback. The monthly cap is similar to fuel cashback which is 200 Rupees per month.

5% Cashback on Utility Bills

Again, you can receive 5% cashback for your utility bills up to 100 Rupees per month.

Reward Points

In addition to the above-mentioned opportunities, you will also earn 1 reward point per 150 Rupees of transaction.

Low Annual Waiver

In case you will not want to pay an annual fee of your card, then you need to spend at least 90,000 Rupees in a year to be exempt from the fee.

Disadvantages of Standard Chartered Titanium Card

Annual Fee

This card charges its holders with 750 Rupees every year under the annual fee heading.

No Lounge Access

You cannot benefit from or visit international and domestic lounges in Indian airports with Standard Chartered Titanium credit card.

Limited Cashback

Just like most of the credit cards, the cashback cap is limited. You can earn a maximum of 500 Rupees cashback from your transactions.

Standard-Chartered Titanium Credit Card FAQs

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