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Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card


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  • You can earn multiple bonus with this card.
  • There are good amount of discounts on restaurants.
  • Low annual fee.
  • Good rewards.
  • There are 30000 points of the card with edge



Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card is a card that provides discounts in contracted restaurants and fuel purchases and also provides cash advantage to the users in return for expenses. A credit card that offers plenty of bonuses can be extremely advantageous for users who are actively out and spending in everyday life.

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card Benefits

Earn Bonus

Meet one of the most bonus-winning credit cards in India! With Axis Privilege Credit Card, you will first receive an activation bonus. Those who buy their card first and start using it will win Yatra voucher worth Rs 5,000. You don’t need to do anything extra to get this coupon. You can win automatically.

Milestone Benefits

Then, you have the chance to take advantage of milestone benefits. You can convert your accumulated points as miles and use them in your air ticket expenses.


Again, your credit card provides assurance for any problems you may encounter during your travels. Insurance Benefit up to Rs. With the 2.5 Cr advantage, you have the chance to compensate for your financial losses.

Earn 3000 Edge Reward

When you renew your card usage annually, you have a chance to win 3000 Edge Reward.

Discounts in Restaurants

Axis Bank has agreements with numerous restaurants throughout India. In this way, when you want to have dinner in more than 4000 restaurants, you will have the chance to benefit from discounts of up to 20 percent.

Earn Vistara Points

You can earn 3,000 clubs Vistara points. You earn this as activation benefits.

Automatic Payment Options

You can create automatic payment instructions with Axis Privilege Card or make your transfers through mobile applications.

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card Fees & APR

  • 1st Year – 1,500 + GST
  • 2nd Year Onwards – 1,500
  • APR rate determined as 41.75% annually

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card FAQs

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