Citi Premier Miles Credit Card


Citi Premier Miles


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  • Insurance opportunities in the website is good.
  • There are good promotions and services of the card.
  • 3000 RS for renewing the card, first year annual fee waive is good for those who wants to own this card.
  • There is a cash back opportunity for fuel purchases.



Meet a Citi Bank credit card, defined as a travel credit card with both Visa and Mastercard infrastructure. Citibanl Premiermiles Credit Card will give you the highest bonus in its category. This credit card is preferred by many people thanks to the advantages it offers in both activation bonus, annually bonus, travel bonus and dinning bonus fields. Especially those who fly on a regular basis often prefer this credit card!

Citi Premiermiles Credit Card Benefits

Earn Bonus Points with Citi Premier miles

As a bonus, Citi Premier miles Credit Card users can spend up to 250 Rs. Moreover, you do not have to use this bonus immediately. The majority of the bonuses you earn remain active for quite a long time.

Get Cashbacks with Fuel Purchases

When you buy fuel from IOC outlets, you can get extra cashback opportunities. In addition, extra cashback advantages are waiting for you in all your fuel purchases.

Earn Premier Miles

You will automatically earn 10 Premier Miles for every 100 Rs you spend under Airline transactions. You can then spend your points by turning them into money.

For non-airline spending, you can earn 4 Premier MiLes for 100 or fewer Rs. These points can also be converted into money and used for the purchase of air tickets.

Dinner Discounts

You can enjoy dinner at a discount of 15 percent at more than 1000 contracted restaurants around the country.

Insurance Advantages

Take advantage of Citi Premiermiles Credit Card Insurance coverage opportunities. In this context, you will receive: 1) air accident insurance cover up to Rs 1 crore, 2) lost card liability cover of Rs 2 lakhs.

Prices and APR

  • You can have your card for free.
  • Annual fort he first year is 3.000 Rs. 
  • 2nd Year Onwards – Rs.3,000
  • There is no annual fee for Citi Priority customers in the first year.

Citibank Premiermiles Credit Card FAQs

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