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Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card

Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card

Kotak PVR Gold


Interest Rate











  • Low annual fee.
  • You can earn rewards points with the card when you reach the expenditure limit.
  • You can earn bonus points at some category purchases.
  • There is a good amount of cashback at fuel expenditures.


  • APR of the credit card is high.

Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card Reviews:


Kotak Bank PVR Gold Credit Card will reshape your social life. PVR Rewards, PVR Shields, Add on card options give you many advantages. Moreover, when you use this credit card, you can benefit from extra discounts at tour agencies in different parts of India. Don’t forget to look at the privileges that the card will offer you, especially when planning your summer vacation.

Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card Benefits

Earn More Bonus Points with Travelling

Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card will be with you in every activity you make to make your daily life more enjoyable. We realize that you spend a lot of money on international trips or when you need to go from place to place in general. Therefore, you will earn 4 times more bonus points in this scope. Besides, Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card will give you an extra bonus for your dinner expenses.

4 times for Bonus for Amazon

If you’re a big shopper on the Amazon website, you’re in luck! When you make purchases with Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card, you will receive 4 times more bonuses in some categories. These categories can be listed as hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and tour operators, package tour operators, airlines, air carriers, and international spends.

Save Money in Fuel Purchases

In addition, you can save money on fuel consumption. You will benefit from cashback opportunities at various rates in your fuel expenditures between 500 Rs and 3000 Rs.

Earn 30000 Rewards

When you reach 8 lakhs in your annual retail expenses, you will earn 30000 rewards points.

Pricing and APR

  1. Annual fee in the 1st Year is determined as 499 Rs
  2. Annual fee in the 2nd Year and Onwards is 499 Rs
  3. The rate of APR is determined as 40.8% per annum


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