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YES First Business Credit Card

YES First Business Credit Card




Those who are looking for a business card in India can prefer YES First Business credit card. This credit card is designed for business owners and offer them a wide variety of promotions and rewards for their business expenses. The best part of the card is you do not have to pay an annual fee. It is a completely free card that offers generous rewards for high spenders. Although it may not have an annual fee, it will not be beneficial to those who do not use their credit cards too often. This is mainly because the threshold for many rewards requires high spending on the card.

Advantages of YES First Business Card

No Annual Fee

You will not be charged with an annual fee for the first and following years at all. It is a quite rare feature available in Indian credit cards.

Lounge Access

YES First Business credit cardholders can benefit from both domestic and international lounges in Indian airports. You can visit domestic lounges 12 times a year (maximum three times per quarter) and international lounges 6 times a year.

High Renewal Rewards

You are going to receive 24,000 reward points for each time you renew your card.

50% Bonus Rewards

Cardholders can benefit from 50% bonus reward points for their transactions on dining and online shopping.

Generous Rewards Points

You will also receive 6 rewards points for every 100 Rupees transactions regardless of the shopping category.

Disadvantages of YES First Business Card

Only for Businesses

YES First Business credit card is a special credit card that is designed for businesses and business owners. It is not the ideal choice for everyday users.

Rewards Are Challenging to Claim

The card may offer plenty of appealing rewards however you need to spend too much to receive them.

YES First Business Credit Card FAQs


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