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YES First Preferred Credit Card

YES First Preferred Credit Card




YES First Preferred credit card is one of the most ideal credit cards in India for those who are looking for lifestyle and leisure benefits. This great card offers you plenty of opportunities and promotions that you can enjoy in your spare time. Some of the outstanding features of the card include no annual fee and various insurances. If you like to spend time with various outdoor activities, by going shopping, and engaging in golf courses then without a doubt, this card may be the best choice for you. It will be worth to note that it is also one of the challenging credit cards in terms of approval.

Advantages of YES First Preferred Card

No Annual Fee

YES First Preferred credit cardholders do not have to pay an annual fee to use the card or benefit from the advantages of the card.

25% Discount on Movie Tickets

You can enjoy 25% on movie tickets you are going to buy through BookMyShow.

Reward Points per 100 Rupees

Cardholders can earn 8 reward points for each 100 Rupees transaction. There are no limitations in the shopping category to earn these reward points.

Bonus Renewal Points

If you spend more than 7,500,000 Rupees in a year, you are going to receive 20,000 reward points upon the renewal of your card.

Lounge Access

You can access domestic lounges 12 times a year (3 per quarter) and international lounges 4 times a year (1 per month)

Disadvantages of YES First Preferred Card

Challenging Eligibility

It is quite challenging to be approved for Yes First Preferred credit card. However, once you will be approved, you will enjoy plenty of advantages.

No Joining Rewards

Unlike most of the credit cards, this card does not offer any welcome gifts to its holders.

Limited Add-on Cards

You can issue add-on cards however the number of these cards is limited to 3.

YES First Preferred Credit Card FAQs


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