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HSBC Smart Value Credit Card

HSBC Smart Value Credit Card

HSBC Smart Value


Interest Rate











  • APR rates are very good.
  • Promotions of the website is really good.
  • Services are good.
  • Insurance services of the credit card is beneficial.
  • No annual fee for the card.



HSBC credit cards may be suitable for you if you are looking for a credit card that can be used to spend for your entertainment expenses and let you earn high rate of bonus points. Today we will introduce you to a new generation, high-bonus card and low-cost card. If you want to know more about HSBC Smart Value Credit Card, please read the following article.

HSBC Smart Value Credit Card Benefits

No Annual Fee, No Joining Fee!

In particular, students generally prefer credit cards with a low annual fee. The credit card that we will share with you today is a credit card with an annual fee of 0 and therefore gives users space for freedom. Also, no joining fee also.

Earn 10% Cashback in First 90 Days

You will be able to earn 10 percent cashback on your spending within the first 90 days of receiving your HSBC Smart Value Credit Card. This rate is so high that you will not find it in any other bank. Because you won’t limit any category when winning this rate. All you have to do is spend at least 10,000 Rs in these 90 days.

Cashback Opportunity in Flight Tickets

Getting your flight tickets through the Make My Trip system can be a great option if you are an HSBC customer! When you buy tickets for your international flights through this system, you have the opportunity to benefit from cashback payment opportunities up to Rs 10,000.

Discounts in Domestic Flights

Clear Trip is a great system for domestic flights. If you buy your flight tickets here for domestic flights, you will have the chance to benefit from discounts of up to 1200 Rs.

Prices and APR

  • No annual fee or no joining fee for the first year
  • As you renew your credit card, each year you should pay 499 Rs.
  • The apr rate differs – 2.99%, 2.49% or 1.99% monthly 


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