HDFC VISA Regalia Credit Card




Interest Rate











  • The card's APR is not that bad.
  • There are good insurance opportunities of the card.
  • Bonus rates of the card is good.



Are you ready to meet the new generation credit card considered in the lifestyle credit card category? Moreover, with this credit card, you will automatically receive Zomato Gold Membership. This membership will be valid for one year. You can continue to read the article to see the different advantages offered by HDFC Bank Visa Regalia Credit Card and to view the minimized costs.

HDFC VISA Regalia Credit Card Benefits

15% Discounts in Restaurants & More

HDFC bank is one of the most prestigious banks in India. You can benefit from a 15 percent discount at more than a thousand exclusive restaurants with which the Bank has an agreement. In this way, you can save on domestic travel and take advantage of the luxury service.

Lounge Access

Within the Priority Pass option, you will be entitled to 3 international lounge visits within one year.

Please note that you must have completed at least 4 transactions in the last 90 days in order to have Priority Pass membership!

1% Cashback on Fuel Purchases

You can benefit from 1% cashback on your fuel expenses between 400 and 5,000! In this way, you can minimize transportation costs in your domestic travels!

Accident Insurance & Medical Care

You will benefit from air accident insurance with HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card up to 30 lakhs. In this way, you will feel safer when traveling.

10 lakhs is an insurance cost that you can use, especially if you are in need of medical care abroad. With this expense, you will feel more secure financially.

Extra Rewards Points

Be sure to visit the HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card website before every trip! If you buy your cinema tickets or hotel tickets through this site, you will earn extra reward points.

Rewards Point Worth

In the card system, each reward point is worth Rs0.30.

Pricing & APR

  • Fort he first year, the cost of being a card owner is 2500 Rs and additional taxes
  • For the rest years (renewal fee), the price is again 2500 + taxes


Is there any change that my Renewal Fee is waived?

Yes, there is. You can get your renewal fee back if you spend 3L Rs in 12 months fort he first year.

What should I do in order to apply for this credit card?

You can apply for HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card if you are older than 21 and younger than 60 (as a salaried employee), or 65 (as self-employee). The necessary documents you should have are At least 2 photos and signature bearing national identity cards, Proof of address -Ration card, electricity bill, etc. can be submitted, PAN card, Form 16 and the Income Tax Return Statement.

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