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YES Prosperity Edge Credit Card may be one of the best options for Indians who want to save money while spending. This great card offers many benefits to its holders and it can be considered as one of the best medium-class credit cards. One of the other outstanding features of the card is the favorable interest rates when compared to the other similar credit cards. Moreover, you can earn plenty of reward points per 100 Rupees you will spend in different categories including international purchases. Here are some of the main benefits and drawbacks of this great credit card:

Advantages of YES Prosperity Edge Card

No Annual Fee

You will not have to pay an annual fee during the first and following years.

Domestic Lounge Access

YES Prosperity Edge credit card holders can benefit from domestic lounge access 8 times in a year. However, you can’t access more than twice in a quarter.

No Expiration

The reward points you will earn will not expire at any time. You can spend them whenever you want without any limitations.

Various Reward Points

You can earn a different number of reward points per 100 Rupees transaction. You receive 6 reward points on your birthday, 5 reward points for international purchases, 4 reward points for online purchases and 3 reward points for retail purchases.

Welcome Gift

If you will spend 7500 Rupees within the first 30 days, you will be rewarded 1250 reward points for once as a part of the welcome gift.

Disadvantages of YES Prosperity Edge Card

Limited Promotions

Although the card offers you plenty of reward points, Yes Prosperity Edge credit card lacks promotions.

No International Lounge Access

You may access domestic lounges in India however you will not have an opportunity to benefit from the same privilege for international lounges.

YES Prosperity Edge Credit Card FAQs


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