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YES Prosperity Rewards Plus Credit Card

YES Prosperity Rewards Plus Credit Card


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Indian citizens and residents who enjoy earning and saving reward points may really love YES Prosperity Rewards Plus credit card that offers plenty of rewards to holders. As the name of the credit card already suggests, it is designed to offer amazing reward points to its users. Moreover, it is one of the easiest cards to be approved. You do not have to have a great credit history to receive this card. One of the main advantages is you will not have to pay an annual fee as well. We believe that those who enjoy reward points can benefit this card at the fullest.

Advantages of YES Prosperity Rewards Plus Card

No Annual Fee

None of the YES credit cards charge the holders for an annual fee and Yes Prosperity Rewards Plus credit card is not an exception.

Easy to Get

It is one of the easiest credit cards to receive in India. You do not need to have the perfect credit score to receive this card.

Generous Rewards Points

You can earn rewards points literally for every kind of purchase. For every 100 Rupees, you are going to earn 3 rewards points for online shopping and dining, 4 rewards points for international purchases, 5 rewards points on your birthday. You will also receive an additional 100 rewards points when you make at least 4 transactions more than 500 Rupees in a month.

Welcome Gift

Card holders can earn 1250 bonus points by simply spending 5000 Rupees within a month.

Anniversary Gifts

If you spent 3,600,000 Rupees in a year, you will also receive 12,000 bonus points when you renew your card.

Disadvantages of Yes Prosperity Rewards Plus Card

Limited Promotions

Although YES Prosperity Rewards Plus credit card offers plenty of reward points literally for every transaction, it does not offer unique or special promotions.

No Lounge Access

Unfortunately, you will be unable to benefit from both domestic and international lounges in Indian airports.

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