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If you are looking for a credit card that has no annual fee and offers plenty of lifestyle advantages, then YES Premia may be a great option for you. This amazing credit card offers you a variety of advantages in your shopping, allows you to convert your reward points to miles and let you access lounges in Indian airports. The best part of the card is your reward points never expire. You can use them whenever you want even five years later. Moreover, it is quite easier to get approved for this card when compared to the similar credit cards of YES.

Advantages of YES Premia Card

No Annual Fee

You will not have to pay any fee for Yes Premia, not even in the following years upon renewal.

Lounge Access

Cardholders can access domestic lounges 8 times a year (2 per quarter) and international lounges twice a year.

25% Discount on Movie Tickets

You will receive discounts up to 25% for the movie tickets you will buy from BookMyShow.

Reward Points per 100 Rupee Transactions

The holders of the card will receive 5 reward points for each 100 Rupee transaction.

No Expiration

The reward points you are going to earn will never expire and you can use them whenever you want without any limitation.

Disadvantages of YES Premia Card

Limited Promotions

Although the Yes Premia offers useful promotions, they are very limited when compared to the other credit cards.

No Cashback

Most of the credit cards in India offer cashback opportunities for their holders. However, this is not a question on this card.

Low Reward Point Multipliers

Unlike the other credit cards of YES, this one offers low reward point multipliers. However, it is still more than other credit cards.

YES Premia Credit Card FAQs

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