SBI BPCL Credit Card




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  • Promotions of the card is vert decent.
  • There are good amount of bonus for consumers.

SBI BPCL Credit Card Reviews:


SBI BPCL Credit Card offers a wide range of services to many individuals. Thanks to SBI BPCL Credit Card, you can receive services such as welcome gifts, value back benefits, reward benefits, and fuel freedom benefits. All of the advantages offered in these areas are aimed at saving you money in the shortest time. SBI BPCL Credit Card can be a good choice for those who want to have a high limit credit card. welcome offer, worldwide acceptance, add-on cards, utility bill payment, balance transfer on EMI.


Benefits and Advantages SBI BPCL Credit Card Brings 

  1. When you first receive SBI BPCL Credit Card, you will win 8,250 Rs worth vouchers. You will be able to redeem your bonus points freely when you spend on this site.
  2. You will have the opportunity to benefit from various bonus points and discounts on your travels. You will be able to benefit from various campaigns, especially in the purchase of air tickets. For example, high rate discounts will be waiting for your domestic flights. You will also benefit from a total discount of Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 within a year.
  3. You will have a chance to earn a discount of Rs 4000 for your minimum 40,000 expenses on your international flights. These discounts will be restored to your card as bonus points. In this way, you will start saving in a short time.
  4. You will continue to earn discounts on hotel bookings during your travels. Your SBI BPCL Credit Card will automatically give you a 20 percent discount when you book a minimum of 3000 Rs. In this way, you will minimize your travel expenses. To take advantage of all such discounts, you need to use a code when paying online with your SBI BPCL Credit Card. This code is TRAVEL.


What are the additional categories of expenses that may make me gain bonus points? 

You'll earn bonus points for every 100 Rs worth you spend in departmental and grocery stores, dining, movies, entertainment, and international spends. The score you earn will be 6X.

What are the pricing rules of the SBI BPCL Credit Card?

499 PA + GST for renewal and join to the credit card.

What should I do in order to get rid of the annual fee? 

You should spend 900.000 Rs annually. 

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