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HDFC Solitaire Credit Card

HDFC Solitaire Credit Card

HDFC Solitaire


Interest Rate











  • Waive the first annual fee payment.
  • There are good rewards of the card.
  • Bonus rates is good.


  • The cost of the renewal is a little bit high.

HDFC Solitaire Credit Card Reviews:


For those who love to shop online, secure, advantageous and low-cost credit cards are extremely convenient. Today we will share with you a preferable credit card. With HDFC Solitaire Credit Card, you will be able to accumulate high bonus points in a very short time. What’s more, your online purchases will earn you a lot more bonus points than others. For more information, see the rest of the article.

HDFC Solitaire Credit Card Benefits

3 Times More Bonus for Online Purchases

Thanks to your online purchases, you will get the change of getting a bonus 3 times more, compared to other purchases. This can be a great opportunity for those who like to shop in supermarkets, textiles, and decorations online.

Welcome Bonus

After applying for HDFC Solitaire Credit Card, you will receive 3000 Reward points as a welcome bonus when you receive the credit card.

Renew Your Card and Earn Rewards Points

Every year you renew your HDFC Solitaire Credit Card from the 2nd year, you will earn 2500 Reward points. You can spend these reward points by turning them into money.

Earn Points with Your Spendings

When your purchases are 150 Rs and multiples, 3 reward points are charged to your HDFC Solitaire Credit Card for every 150 Rs. In this way, you will accumulate high reward points in a short time.

Discounts at Restaurants

You can buy much higher service for your apparel & dining spends for much lower prices! Because you can earn 50 percent more reward points in these expenses.

Discounts in Jet Airways Website

You will receive a 5 percent discount on tickets purchased through the Jet Airways website.

Pricing & APR

If you apply online for HDFC Solitaire Credit Card, you will pay no annual fee. The renewal fee is 2499 Rs per year.
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