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IndusInd Signature Legend Credit Card

IndusInd Signature Legend Credit Card

IndusInd Signature Legend


Interest Rate











  • The card offering good rewards points for consumers.
  • There are also good bonus for the owners of the card.
  • We like other promotions of the card.


  • Very high APR rates.

IndusInd Signature Legend Credit Card Reviews:


Are you ready to meet a new generation card that is evaluated in the Lifestyle credit cards category? Moreover, Indusind Bank Signature Legend will offer you a variety of rewards for your spending. In this way, shopping will be much more enjoyable than before. The bonus points that IndusInd Legend Credit Card will earn you can vary for your weekday and weekend expenses. In addition, the bonus rates your card will earn for your fuel expenses are high. When you spend a total of 6 lakhs Rs in a year, you will earn a total of 4000 bonus reward points.

IndusInd Signature Legend Credit Card Benefits

Save on Your Fuel Expenses

With IndusInd Signature Legend Credit Card you will save on your fuel expenses. Plus, you don’t have to go to a special fuel station to save and earn bonus points. You will receive bonuses for purchases from all gas stations around India.

Purchase of Air Tickets

You can use the bonus points you earn as you wish. Some credit cards require the points earned to be used only for the purchase of air tickets. However, individuals using this credit card can use their points as they wish, depending on their lifestyle.

Spend Merchant Category

When you spend in the Merchant category, you will earn 4 times more bonus points than your other expenses. In this way, you will have the chance to save money more quickly.

Good Insurance Policies

With IndusInd Signature Legend Credit Card you will have the opportunity to benefit from very comprehensive and advantageous insurance policies. Especially when you purchase air tickets from this card, your financial problems in many categories will be covered by insurance.

Priority Pass Membership

When you use IndusInd Signature Legend Credit Card, you will have Priority Pass Membership. In this way, you will have access to a large number of lounge access in the national and international area.

Pricing and APR

  1. Annual fee in the first Year – 9,999
  2. Annual fee in the 2nd Year Onwards – 0
  3. The APR rate determined as 46.78% per annum


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