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HDFC Diners Club Credit Card

HDFC Diners Club Credit Card

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  • There are good travel insurance benefits.
  • Good services for travelling.
  • Bonus rates are not bad.
  • Insterest rate is very good.

The new generation HDFC Diners Club Credit Card which uses the Diners infrastructure and is called a Lifestyle credit card, is very popular today. In the areas of travel benefits, lifestyle benefits, reward and redemption, and unparalleled protection, this card offers extremely advantageous options. In addition, you can collect your rewards points and make these points money in a short time.

HDFC Diners Club Credit Card Benefits

Access More than 600 Lounges in the World

Once you have HDFC Diners Club Credit Card, you will have a Priority Pass Membership. Under normal circumstances, this membership is purchased for a fee. With this membership, you have access to 600 airports lounges around the world and have the opportunity to receive luxury services. 

Luxurious Services in Taj Hotels & Resorts

While staying at many hotels of Taj Hotels and Resorts, you will benefit from extra advantageous and luxurious services. In addition, the amount you will have to pay when receiving these accommodation services will be much lower. In addition, you’ll earn bonus points for these expenses.

Earn Rewards Points and Discounts

You will earn rewards points when you stay at these hotels. You will also get a 10 percent discount. In addition, you will receive an extra 10 percent discount on your telephone and fax usage when staying at hotels. You will benefit from a 15 percent discount on ironing services. Finally, you will receive a 20 percent discount on business trips when you receive business-centric services.

Health Insurance Anywhere in the World

When you suddenly need health care when traveling abroad, your HDFC Diners Club Credit Card will provide you insurance services up to 12 lakh Rs points.

Earn Bonus Points

You will earn 8 bonus points for your spending of 150 Rs through www.hdfcbankregalia.com. If you spend 150 Rs on other platforms, you will earn 6 bonus points.

Pricing and APR

  • The rate of APR is determined as 39% annually
  • There will be no additional annual fee if you make your application from online platforms. 

HDFC Diners Club Credit Card FAQs

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