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  • There are good cashback promotions of the card.
  • There are good services of the card.
  • You will like the insurance opportunities of the card.



Are you ready to meet a new credit card that is evaluated in the travel credit cards category? The ICICI Coral Credit Card will be your favorite because of the cashback offers and bonus points you earn when you spend in different categories. Since the ICICI Coral Credit Card does not require a Joining Fee or Annual Fee, it may also be suitable for individuals with low-income levels. The most important feature of this credit card is that it continually earns reward points. The reward points you earn can then be converted into money.

Benefits and Advantages ICICI Coral Credit Card Brings

Cashback Opportunity in Mobile Purchases

ICICI Coral Credit Card will minimize your expenses, especially when traveling. You will earn a full 2.5% cashback on your fuel expenses during your travels via highways. (maximum of Rs.100 per month). To take advantage of this opportunity, you should make your shoppings from HPCL pumps options.

2.5% Fuel Surcharge Waiver

This is not your only advantage in saving money in your fuel expenses! You can benefit from 2.5% of the fuel surcharge waiver option. This advantage is valid until you reach an expenditure of 4,000 Rs. HPCL Pumps should also be preferred to take advantage of this advantage.

Earn 2.5x More Bonus

You will have a chance to earn 2.5 times more bonus on each of your spending of 100 Rs. Don’t forget to redeem your bonuses later.

5x Payback Points to Fuel and 2x Payback to Others

You will earn 5x payback points on your fuel expenditures and 2 x payback points on all your other expenses.

Advantages in Cinema Tickets

ICICI Coral Credit Card has an agreement with bookmyshow.com. By buying your cinema tickets from this site, you can take advantage of the bonus benefits that can go up to 100 RS.

Discounts in Restaurants

Under the Culinary Treats Program, there are agreements between ICICI Coral Credit Card and nearly 800 restaurants. Thanks to this agreement, you will save at least a 15 percent discount.


What are the pricing rules of this credit card?

APR rate is determined as 40.8% annually. Joining fee is determined as 500 Rs -if you spend at least 1,000 Rs within 60 days)

  1. 2 Passport Size photo
  2. Passport, Utility bill, Aadhar, Driver's license, Lease agreement
  3. Salaried Customers only - Income Proof - Latest 1 - month Salary Slip ID proof - PAN & Aadhar compulsory
  4. Address proof
What are the necessary documents if I want to apply for this credit card? 

The necessary documents can be listed as:2 Passport Size photo, ID proof - PAN & Aadhar compulsory, Address proof (anyone), Passport, Utility bill, Aadhar, Driver's license, Lease agreement, Salaried Customers only – Income Proof - Latest 1 month Salary Slip and 3 months bank statement(if you have ICICI salary account, it is not required).


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