Citi Cash Back Credit Card


Citi Cash Back Credit Card


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  • You can save up to 3600 Rupees with this card.
  • There is also 5% cashback available for paying bills.
  • You can get cashback on movie expenses.



Citi Cash Back credit card is one of the amazing credit cards that can help you to save money with each transaction you do with your card. If you are a social and outgoing individual living in India, then you can save money with your expenses such as bill payments and movie tickets. However, it will be worth to note that it is one of the most challenging cards to get in India. If you have a poor credit history, then it is highly possible that your application will be rejected. The application process is also quite challenging and confusing for many users.

Advantages of Citi Cash Back Card

Cashback on Movie Expenses

You can get %5 cashback whenever you make your expenses with your credit card in partner movies and theatres in India.

Cashback on Telephone Bills

You can also get 5% cashback for the bills you will pay with your Citi Cash Back credit card. All GSM and local service providers are included in the campaign.

Cashback on Utility Bills

You can also get 5% cashback for all kinds of utility bills such as electricity, water, and natural gas.

Save Up to 3600 Rupees Per Year

In addition to the above-mentioned cash backs, you will also receive 0.5% cashback for your other spending. You can receive 300 Rupees cashback per month.

Disadvantages of Citi Cash Back Card

Annual Fee

Although the annual fee is relatively cheaper than most of the credit cards in India, Citi Cash Back credit card charges 500 Rupees as an annual fee.

No Lounges

You will not be able to benefit from lounge services in your domestic and international flights in India.

No Annual Waiver

You have no chance to get rid of the annual fee no matter how much you will spend with your card.

Citi Cash Back Credit Card FAQs


Does This Card Offers Discounts on Dining?

Indeed. Citi Cash Back credit card offers up to 15% discounts on partner restaurants available in India. Although the partner restaurant network is limited, there are still many well-known brands.

I Have a Poor Credit History, Can I Still Receive the Card?

The card is one of the most challenging cards in terms of issuance. Unfortunately, your application will be rejected in case you have a poor credit history. According to statics, 80% of the application is rejected. Moreover, the application process and forms are regarded as confusing and challenging by many people.


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