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RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card

RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card

RBL Platinum Delight


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  • Good credit card if you love movies.
  • Good amount of cashback opportunities.
  • Low annual fee.



The RBL Bank Platinum Delight Credit Card can be the perfect credit card for individuals who often like to go to the movies. We can examine the advantages of the credit card together if you wish. Fuel Advantage is some of the most basic advantages RBL Platinum Card will offer you. Another popular feature of the RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card is that it demands a very low price. This makes it much more advantageous to use a credit card.

RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card Benefits

10% Discount on Movie Tickets

You will benefit from a 10 percent discount on your movie ticket purchases with RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card. In this way, you will benefit from a discount of approximately Rs 100 per year. You will benefit from this discount 15 times.

Discounts in Grocery Stores

The discount rate that you can benefit from your spending in the grocery area is determined as 5 percent. This discount is provided by the cashback method. You will earn 20 reward points for every 100 Rs you spend in this category. The maximum amount of prizes you can earn in a month is 100 Rs.

Travel Benefits

Not only in these categories, but you will also have the opportunity to benefit from various advantages in your travels with RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card. You can have a very high level of fuel expenditure on your travels. You will be able to benefit from 2.5 percent cashback in your fuel expenditures. In addition, you will have the chance to earn 20 reward points each time you spend Rs 100. You will be entitled to collect 1000 reward points in a month. The next month, the system will be reset and you will be able to collect rewards points. You can combine all the points you earn and turn them into money and spend in any area.

Pricing & Fees

  1. The annual fee for the first year is Rs.1000
  2. The Renewal fee is determined as Rs.1000


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