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RBL Movies And More Credit Card

RBL Movies And More Credit Card

RBL Movies And More


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  • A perfect opportunity for those who loves to watch movies in cinema.
  • Annual fee of the card is reasonable.
  • Earn free cinema tickets with purchasing through this card.



Offered by RBL bank and evaluated in the category of entertainment credit cards, this card will make you feel more free and active in your social life. You will benefit from a variety of bonus points for movie tickets, different social events, travel and fuel expenses. RBL Movies And More Credit Card, which has an agreement with BookMyShow system, provides both discounts for the tickets you buy through this system and minimizes the expenses you will make in the cinema hall. You can benefit from discounts on your popcorn and beverage expenses at the cinema or you can get these services completely free of charge.

RBL Movies And More Credit Card Benefits

Discounts in Movie Tickets

Thanks to different campaign concepts, you will save on your culture and art expenditures in a very short time. These campaign concepts can be listed as Curtain Raiser, Monthly Treats, Annual Rewards Bonanza, Fuel Freedom. Thanks to these categories, your spending in different categories will also give you discounts in the movie ticket area.

Free Cinema Tickets

Thanks to the Curtain Raiser system, you will be able to obtain 4 different cinema tickets with a total value of 250 Rs completely free of charge. All you need to do is spend 1000 Rs on the BookmyTicket system at one time or spend 1000 Rs on two different trips.

Spend and Earn Movie Tickets

Under the RBL Movies And More Credit Card Monthly Treats campaign, If you make 15000 Rs spend, you will earn 2 free movie tickets.

Receive Bonus for Dining

Under the  RBL Movies And More Credit Card Rewarding times campaign, you will also receive a bonus for your outdoor dining expenses. You can spend over Pizza Hut and KFC and all of your spendings will be discounted.

Pricing and APR

  1. The annual fee of the 1st year fee is determined as Rs.1000
  2. If you are going to renew your contract the fee is: Rs.1000

RBL Movies And More FAQs

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