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STYLEUP Contactless Credit Card

STYLEUP Contactless Credit Card




If you are a teenager or middle-aged citizen who often shop online then STYLEUP Contactless credit card may be a great choice for you in India. This card is offered in collaboration with Future Group’s Fashion Hub and State Bank of India. As you can guess, it offers many promotions and advantages in your fashion spending. The best part of the card is it allows you to complete transactions without requiring any password. All you need to do is bring your credit card closer to the POS machine and enjoy your shopping with quick and easy payments.

Advantages of STYLEUP Contactless Card

Contactless Transactions

The card allows you to get rid of the queue by eliminating the need for a password. You can simply waive your STYLEUP Contactless credit card in the card reader and save time.

Add-on Cards

You can issue as many add-on cards as you want, and you will not have to pay an additional annual fee for these cards.

10% Discount on Famous Stores

You can benefit from 10% discounts on famous Indian stores such as Big Bazaar and FBB without any minimum purchase requirement.

10x Reward Points

You can earn 10 times more reward points in Big Bazaar, FBB, and dining in partner restaurants in India.

Anniversary Gifts

Holders will receive 2000 reward points every time they renew their cards.

Welcome Gift Voucher

You are going to receive a gift voucher worth 500 Rupees once you activate your card.

Disadvantages of STYLEUP Contactless Card

Annual Fee

Although it is considerably low when compared to the other credit cards in India, the STYLEUP Contactless credit card will charge you 499 Rupees annually.

No Annual Waiver

The card does not offer any opportunity or promotions to be exempt from the annual fee.

No Lounge Access

You will not be able to benefit from both domestic and international lounges in India with your card.

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