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Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card

Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card

Kotak Royale Signature


Interest Rate











  • Lower interest rates when it is compared with other kotak credit cards.
  • Rewards points rates are very good.
  • There are good travel insurance options for consumers.

Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card Reviews


Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card offers many advantages and rewards points to individuals who purchase items from special categories of the card. You can get more information about those categories below. In these purchases, you can earn bonus points as well as have the chance to earn 2x, 3x, 4x rewards points. In addition, spending in different categories can help you earn rewards points too. In addition, you will benefit from the Travel with Comfort option.

Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card Benefits

Lounge Access

With Airport Lounge Access options, you will feel very comfortable when traveling to the airport or to different locations. In addition to all these, gourmet meals, comfortable seating, widescreen TVs, newspaper and magazines, free Wi-Fi are all options that you will be provided at the airport.

4x Special Categories

You will continue to earn bonus points when you spend using Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card You can win 4X in special categories and 2x reward points in others.

Convert Rewards Points into Money

There are alternatives to spend your reward points in different categories. In this way, according to your own lifestyle, you can evaluate your reward points as you wish. After converting your reward points into money, you can benefit from free or discounted services.

No Expiration For Rewards Points

The reward points you earn from this bank do not have an expiration date. You can spend your reward points at any time.

Extra Security

Your Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card offers you extra security measures. If your credit card is lost, you will take advantage of the cover of Rs. 24000. You will have the chance to take advantage of 2,50,000 / if you make a pre-report against fraudulent usage up to 7 days.

Benefits for Fuel Expenditures

You will have the opportunity to benefit from extra options in your fuel expenditures. In this context, you will benefit from cashback options for your expenses between Rs. 500 and Rs 3000.


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