SBI Air India Signature


SBI Air India Signature


Interest Rate











  • The card's interest rate is good.
  • You will get multiple bonuses of your card as you spend.
  • There are good services.



The SBI Air India Signature Credit Card is a credit card that will give you a number of advantages, especially when you spend on travel. With SBI Air India Signature Credit Card, you will have the chance to benefit from different service options called Bon Voyage, Spend More Get More, Elevate Every Time You Fly, Be our Guest at Leading Airports. In addition to these services, there will be bonus points and discounts for your expenses in different categories. You will benefit from all of this. You can take advantage of the benefits such as Lost Card Liability Cover, Access Cash Anytime, Anywhere, Fuel Acceptance Waiver, Global Acceptance, Empower your Family.

Benefits and Advantages SBI Air India Signature Credit Card Brings 

  1. All spending on dining, grocery & movie offers 10 times more bonus points than others. Therefore, we recommend that you spend your expenses in this area, especially from this card.
  2. If you spend a total of Rs 2000 within the first 60 days of receiving your SBI Air India Signature Credit Card, your credit card will give you 2,000 bonus points. These bonus points can be spent at any time and in any category.
  3. There are many oil pumps in different parts of India. When you spend fuel on any of these points, you will benefit from a cashback of 2.5 percent. In this way, you will have minimized your expenses very seriously.
  4. If you spend a total of 1 lakhs Rs in one year, the annual fee you have to pay that year will be canceled. In this way, you will continue to use your card completely free of charge.
  5. If you use the SBI Air India Signature Credit Card, you can use the add-on card to make all your loved ones benefit from your card. In this way, your entire family can safely spend.

What are the rules for pricing for SBI Air India Signature Credit Card?

  1. The annual fee of 1st year is determined as Rs.4999
  2. The Renewal fee for each year is determined as Rs.4999


Can I do Emergency Card Replacement? What are my rights in this scope?

Yes, you can make emergency SBI Air India Signature Credit Card replacement. You can create a request to do this operation anywhere in the world. What's more, our customer service works 24/7 to serve you. If you lost your SBI Air India Signature Credit Card, you can call the bank as soon as possible. 


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